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Atfal Volunteers Needed at Jalsa USA 2017

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Atfal Jalsa USA 2017 & Serving Jamaat

Jalsa Salana is a perfect spiritual opportunity to serve jamaat

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Need volunteers so join

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Dr. Abdus Salam Science Fair

All atfal are encouraged to participate

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Covering all Atfal related news

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Atfal Class Package

Buy one for your Atfal for their classes

Atfal Chanda

Bring your chanda and get a reward

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Atfal Volunteer Uniform

Must be in uniform to volunteer

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About Us

There are three booths designated for Atfal this year at Jalsa Salana USA 2017. There will be one booth for food items sales, a booth for Atfal uniform items and including cricket bats, a booth for Atfal class package sale and an Atfal chanda, and finally a booth for ANN studios. The uniform items includes but is not limited to shirts, caps, scarfs, and rings. Please check out the Atfal class package in our features section of this website. In addition ANN will be travelling around to capture different Jalsa moments of Jalsa from an Atfal perspective.

Our Services

Atfal-ul-Ahmadiyya USA will be maintaining and working at four booths this year at Jalsa Salana USA 2017. Please check these out at the bottom in the services we have to offer you all at Jalsa this year.

Food Sales

Come and check out the Atfal food booth. Try our snow cone and also get a soda and candy to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Atfal Uniform Sales

If your tifl or atfal are missing a scarf, ring, shirt, or a cap, or all of the above then please come to the uniform booth and you can purchase them all.

Welcome Package Sales

Does your tifl have the Atfal welcome package that he needs for his Atfal classes? You can either purchase them at our booth during this year's 2017 USA Jalsa or online at However if you are between 7-8 years old, and you have not received one, it will be free for you. Visit our features section if you would like to purchase it online.

Atfal Chanda

Pay your Atfal chanda at the Atfal chanda booth and get a reward. Find out what it is when you come to our Atfal chanda booth